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Fair Trade Certified

The standard of "Control Union Certifications Social and Fair Trade Standard" ( "CU Fair Choice " ), is based on human development, social, environmental and economic principles. Certification under the Standard CU Fair Choice constitutes a guarantee that companies are committed to sustainable development and improving social conditions, meeting the demands of conscious consumers; whose number is increasing worldwide, creating new market opportunities.

USDA Organic and E.U Bio Certified

USDA Organic certification is based on the Standards for Organic Production (NOP-USDA), created by the Ministry of Agriculture of the United States.

For the E.U our team offers Organic certification for agricultural, livestock, wild collection, inputs for organic agriculture, and honey 834/2007 under EU rules - EU 889/2008 for the European market.

Halal & Kosher Certified

Our Halal Certification guarantees the quality and / or characteristics of a final product as set out in the regulations for use within the Halal dietary laws of Islam, signed in the holy Koran.

We also offer our Kosher certification of religious nature oriented exclusively to the Jewish community that certifies the purity and quality of food products. The inspection is performed by a team of rabbis representing the Orthodox Union in New York.

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